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We often find ourselves working side-by-side with Senior Living providers in order to deliver the best possible caregiving services.

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Welcome To ihomecare san fernando

Are you in the quest for home health care services for senior citizens? You came to the right site to look for such services.

We offer premium-quality home care services in Orange County for the supporting pleasure of senior citizens. IHomeCare beholds a team of experienced, skillful, and enthusiastic people who are the best experts in their field. Moreover, these people are too sincere in their work to cause any negligence.

Home healthcare services are becoming indispensable these days due to the hectic routine of people. The health graph of senior citizens falls so rapidly. Aging is such an ailment that makes people dependent on others. Such people depend on others for their daily life activities like medical assistance, health care, etc.

The busy and tiresome routine of the children does not allow them to help out their parents. In such a miserable situation, home healthcare services the San Fernando provides top-notch services. The team of knowledgeable and proficient people at our place can give home-like assistance to your elderly persons. These peoples are too conscious and dedicated to their work. So, you can get yourself free of the worries of elderly persons.

The best home healthcare care services California are enjoyable at our health center.

Services We Offer

Types Of Home Health Care Services 2021
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Elderly Care

Our passionate and loving team members provide a feel at home to your elderly citizens. They startlingly take on their personal needs and bring perseverance to their self-esteem. The treatment method of the proficient experts helps to support the independent life of senior citizens. You don’t need to compromise on the personal aid of your senior citizens after our substantial support.



The custodial assistance of elderly citizens is the primary need of these people. The loneliness at home may cause these people to suffer from different psychological issues. They may have panic or anxiety attacks that increase their depression. So, home health care servants communicate with these people in a friendly way and help them get rid of these social traumas. Our experts also help them to socialize using digital platforms. It makes them indulged in a social activity.


Memory care

The brain tissues of elders usually become weak in the later years of their life. They used to forget things, even about their medicines and other checkups. But the trained staff has the expertise to take Substantial care of their spiritual requirements. They can remind them about their medicine doses and appointments.


Transitional Care

The proficient and skillful staff at our place works for the betterment of your loved ones. They make sure that your dear ones get the utmost care and support at their place. They balance their diet or nutrition and never make any negligence in their medication. All these steps keep your elderly persons away from the hospitals.


Physical Therapy Care

At old age, people become too weak to get their needs fulfilled. They may suffer from different ailments like hearing impairment, visual defects, physical weakness, etc. Some people find themselves reluctant to speech.  But the determined and focused personnel offers different types of therapies to old age people and treat their ailments.  Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and physical therapies improve them and make them a little bit independent.


Respite Care

Peoples usually travel from one place to another in terms of business and other job activities. So, they get worried about the care of their parents in terms of an emergency. But we have a team of professionals that have the stamina and calibre to cope with emergencies. They can protect and guard your parents in a well-defined way and also fulfill their daily needs.


Assited living

The home care workers deal with the healthcare of elderly citizens and also assist them in their daily needs. They provide companionship to your elders and treat them as their parents. They manage their chores like household cleaning, Budget management, meals, shopping, traveling, outgoing, etc.


End of Life Care

Some senior citizens are at their last stage. Some chronic ailments make their lives shorter. People suffering from such diseases need extra care and love. Our home health care services for elderly also include the support of these people.


Dementia Care

Aged ones are usually suffering from dementia at the end stage of their lives. They forget about things, even about the names of their dear ones. But the home care assistants have the training for dealing with such people lovingly. They can lessen the pain of their last moments by dealing with them with affection.

Why choose iHomeCare SAn Fernando for Home Health Care Services California?

Elderly people usually need loving and careful treatment because they need extra support at this rate of their life. Our committed staff works for the full-time care of such people and performs its duty with a great deal of responsibility. All these services are enjoyable on a small budget.

Our home care center arranges different training sessions for the improvement and refining of our staff. We provide training to enhance their expertise and skills. In this way, they treat the elders with great confidence. So iHomeCare gives the best health care services in your area.

We can communicate with you to listen to your ideas and thoughts. You can suggest better ways for the improved caretaking of your elderly people.



Personalized home health care services

Our home health care center arranges suitable and reasonable plans according to your budget to provide your elders with complete care. We analyze the condition of your elders and then make changes in our pre-designed plans according to that. The health care services cost is easily bearable by your pocket.

Maintain quality of life at home

Aged people have a special attachment to their living place. So they want to spend the last of their lives at their own house. The IHomeCare center provides remarkable services to you in your footstep. We not only protect your elders but also deal with them with affection and love. At the same time, we work to maintain the living standard at your home without hurting the self-esteem of your seniors.

Peace of mind

The plus point of our home health care services at IHomeCare is that we satisfy our customers. You will need no worry about your elderly persons. The knowledgeable workers can guard them in case of any high scenarios.


You can follow the three-step formula of our home health care center to hire a skillful expert.

Step #1

You can contact our home health care assistant any time as they are available 24/7.

Step #2

We have some pre-designed plans or management programs according to the different scenarios as well as budgets. So, you pick our suggestions according to your pocket.

Step #3

You can hire us with a few clicks, and we’ll be available to serve you without any delay.

Keeping you, your loved one, and our CAREgivers safe during COVID-19

We also aim to take great care of the elderly persons in this situation of a pandemic. As the circumstances are terrifying, people find it tough to relocate their dear ones to hospitals. In such calamity, we also feel pain for our customers. We provide training to our workers to guard against this disease.

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