how much does private home care cost

Senior citizens are the most valuable assets of a society or state. When they reach old age, it becomes difficult for them to maintain their health. As we know, the process of aging is natural and non-resistible. We all grow older after spending some scores of our life.

It is the primary desire of every senior citizen to age their own home. So, to provide satisfaction and contentment to the elderly, home health care is the ultimate solution. It helps the seniors to spend their lives in their homes. You might be thinking, how much does private home care cost? Let’s figure it out in this discussion.How much does private home care cost?

1. What is home health care for the elderly?

Home health care is the assistance and support provided to senior citizens in their place. It may include custodial care, personal care, Medicare, or aid in daily life activities.

 The home health caregiver assisted in daily tasks like bathing, transportation, budget management, socializing, meal preparation, and companionship.

2. How much does private home care cost?

According to a survey, the expenses of in-home health care for a month are about 4290 dollars. Providing home health care also includes nursing services. Nursing assistance at home is more cheap and economical than nursing at assisted facilities. It is a rough idea that the average cost for home health care is about 4375 dollars.

3. What home health care is covered by Medicare?

Several services are available under home health care like daily life aids and nursing assistance etc. All these services help the senior citizens to rehabilitate at their places. Medicare is the most demanding and ultimate home health care provided to senior citizens.

The services enjoyable under the home health care for the elderly include different types of therapies like speech therapy or physiotherapy. Nursing support or health care are also available under this service.

Medicare is substantial care performed by a professional or knowledgeable person. In some cases, a proficient person usually supervises the Medicare provided to the elderly. Medicare is available to you for home health care if:

  • You are unable to go out of home and dependent on others.
  • You require therapies or nursing assistance on an intermittent basis. Intermittent basis means daily for three weeks etc.
  • Your physician verifies that you need home health care.

4. How to find home health care for the elderly?

If you want to provide health care to the elderly at your own home, you must ask your family advisor for wise advice.

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