senior home health care services in san fernando 2021

In these trying circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the importance of senior health care cannot be overstated. An increase in life expectancy has caused a surge in the Numbers of senior citizens in industrialized countries.

So the question arise how the countries can provide home health care for elderly.

Why choose Home health care for elderly:

According to the US Bureau of Census, 65 years and older will rise to 85.7 Million in 2050. Moreover, Family caregivers cannot always be there because of countless other reasons. That is where the elderly home health care services come and provide 24-hour care.

A health care worker can take care of the patient with professional expertise. Their package covers particular tasks such as feeding, bathing, toilet, physiotherapy, companionship and much more. All of these things can help the patient in the pandemic lockdown days.

In The pre-pandemic times, health care services were provided in the community centers and nursing homes. The threat posed by COVID-19 and the need for specialized senior home based health care services resulted in Home health care.

senior home health care services

Type of Homecare services:

Personal Care Aides (PCAs):

These workers are not licensed but they have experience. They do various tasks such as companionship, walking, dressing, bathing and transportation.

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, their minimum wage is $ 11.55 per hour (data is of May 2018). However, the salary may be higher in urban areas and other health care agencies.

Home Health Aides (HHAs):

These are licensed health care workers. They monitor the living conditions, vitals, activities and health care alongside other chores of dressing and bathing. They also provide companionship and light housekeeping.

Federal standards require HHAs to have 75 hours of training and other certification. The wage median is $ 11.63.

LNAs licensed nursing assistants and CNAs Certified Nursing assistants take care of medicinal equipment and check the patients’ vital signs. They also take care of personal needs. The Registered Nurse or Practicing Nurse supervises them.

How to apply for senior home care:

Nearly 2.3 Million people provide home health care services for elderly Americans. There are some boxes you need to check to find a perfect care worker for your needs.

The first is assessing your need. Based on your requirements, you have to choose the type of health care service you need. If your family has long term medical insurance, then it may affect your choice.

Then comes choosing your search method. You can either select an agency for health care services or hire an independent worker.

Using an agency is better and more effective because they have prescreened workers, experience, backup care, fast upgrades, liability protection and no paperwork. The downside to using an agency is expenses, Little negotiation minimum hours and little choice.

You can also ask your friends and neighbors about How to get home health care for the elderly, and they will recommend you their contacts.


Home health care for the elderly is a pressing matter nowadays because of the fragile situation of the pandemic. It is also the family’s responsibility to provide the best senior home health care services for their loved ones.

The secluded care demands a friend and companion to pass the time for the patient, and health care workers tend to handle these with ease.  So we recommend only the best for your beloved family to help them recover quickly from their illness.